The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) PACT OMEGA, a PWD project implemented in Northern Uganda during early 90s to mid-2000s and constructed the basketball court we have today. Gulu Disabled Persons’ Union (GDPU) then donated 8 sets of non-sports wheelchairs to then team comprising of mostly landmine survivors.

It is with these 8 sets of wheelchairs that the team got started after watching a demonstration game of wheelchair Basketball by Kenyan Paralympic team invited to Uganda by the PACT OMEGA project in conjunction with Uganda Paralympic Committee in 2007.


Established in 2007 as Gulu Disabled Wheelchair Basketball Club, the club has developed into one of the largest and successful disability sports clubs in Uganda. The team rebranded in 2015 with new name Gulu Wheelchair Basketball Club (GWBC) and we take great pride in the development of challenged athletes at all levels and provide an opportunity for participants to play the sport they love.


GWBC continues to attract more disabled athletes every season and in addition to skill development, these challenged athletes reap the lifelong benefits of aerobic conditioning, increased self-esteem and an understanding of "teamwork".

Wheelchair basketball delivers a high level of excitement and requires skill and energy from its players. Young players, both boys and girls are drawn to the challenge and fun of the game with more registered participants than any other disability sport nationwide. Tradition at Wheelchair Basketball has been built over the past nine years of success and now is the time for your business to be a part of this tradition.


We invite you to help the association/club to continue to grow and maintain its place as a valuable community asset.

Sponsorship Is a Partnership and GWBC provides your business exposure to thousands of participants, parents, relatives, coaches and the community. With your sponsorship we can keep the sport affordable for athletes with disabilities and their families or households.



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