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GDPU Acquires 30 More Sets of Sports Wheelchairs through Motivation UK to run a Three Year Inclusive Disability Sports (IDS) project in 2012. Every 3rd of December International Day of Persons with Disability (IDPWD) is a day sanctioned by United Nations and aims to promote an understanding of people with disability and encourage support for their dignity, rights and well-being. Here in Gulu District, we commemorated this day at Pakwelo primary in Unyama Sub County and our wheelchair basketball team was honoured to do another demonstration game.


Inclusive Disability Sports (IDS)

Gulu Disabled Persons Union (GDPU) and The Kids League (TKL) have been running an Inclusive Disability Sports (IDS) funded by Motivation UK with local primary schools in Gulu, Nwoya and Amuru from 2011 to March 2014.


Over 200 children with disabilities (hearing impairment, visual impairment, intellectual disability and physical impairments) and 100 children with no disabilities participate in the following sports discipline; soccer, goal ball, showdown, volleyball, boccia game and wheelchair basketball usually occurring at the end of each school calendar term.

Copyright © 2019 Gulu Wheelchair Basketball Club. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2019 Gulu Wheelchair Basketball Club. All rights reserved.

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