Gulu - Northern Uganda


As a child and adolescent your task is to prepare to be a fully functioning adult. As a young or mature adult your tasks are to have a family and to provide for them. As an elder your tasks are to provide wisdom to family and community. At each stage, the trend persons with disabilities live make it more or less possible to be productive and contribute to the family, community and society.


Our economic situation represents the noticeable realities of an individual's life, including economic security, employability, level of vocational training and education, and the possibility of accessing health care. Economics greatly affect a PWD's physical and psychological health, and negative economic situations make socio economic reintegration very difficult. Currently our members do their personal petty trade, hair dressing, technician work having benefited from Gulu Disabled Persons Union Youth Development Programme (YDP) sponsored by Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) in 2015.


Whatever all of the athletes are stuck with right now is just hand to mouth and we will have to find a way to up their individual earning to boost their morale in participating in the adaptive sports activities.


Copyright © 2019 Gulu Wheelchair Basketball Club. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2019 Gulu Wheelchair Basketball Club. All rights reserved.

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