GASP entered a consensual agreement to work closely with Gulu Hawks, Gulu Wheelchair Basketball Association and GuluGo to ensure our community athletes get the best possible support. A true sign that GASP is united in working together is the fact that despite with almost no funding from external sources, the operations of the three ‘sports associations’ continue to run under the firm supervision of the non-for-profit GASP.


Wheelchair Basketball establishment was to provide access to sports participation for persons with disabilities strategically attached to a Disabled Organization, Gulu Disabled Persons Union (GDPU). Its operation relied on infrastructural support and equipment from GDPU hosting wheelchair basketball activities in partnership since inception. Our dedication and advocacy led to the founding of Uganda Wheelchair Basketball Association (UWBA), a National Sports Association tasked with running Wheelchair basketball sports in Uganda.




Gulu Athletic Sport spearheaded  successive wheelchair basketball demonstration before the birth and launch of Gulu Disabled Wheelchair Basketball Club (GDWBC), again and again teaming up to organize  wheelchair basketball demonstration events both on court and bare earth surfaces in the community.

One major showcase in 2009 attracting over 500 audience, was dedicated to visiting American (National Basketball Association) NBA legend formally of Los Angeles Lakers and Hollywood Actor Rick Fox.



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